Friday, February 17, 2006


Last night Emma and I went to see 'Seussical", the musical at HHS. Very cute!!!'Young'Bryan was in it,did a nice job.Think April and I might try to go next week to see another area high school do 'Fiddler on the Roof'.Ape is going to see Seussical with Ken and Lynn either tonight or tomorrow night.

Tony is doing work for Kris his landlord on another one of Kris' properties.Guess I might not have mentioned before that Tony lost his job at Riddlebergers a few weeks back?But we are doing OK so far, all us 'unemployed' :) 

Poor Kyle had his car break down yesterday, and it is in the shop right now.....hopefully it will be something not too expensive.

I spent yesterday updating my resume and since the printer is working again(for now,this printer seems to have a mind of its own)printed out some copies and some cover letters and mailed those off.

With so many birthdays this week, I hit upon the idea of making someof those Photostory slideshows for the birthday folks....had a blast doing that!Image

April has a 4 day weekend....teacher's workday today and Monday off for President's Day. Tony's brother Chris stopped by last night, always nice to see him.We fed him before he took off and he complimented my cooking.....which cracked me up, that doesn't always happen!(that someone compliments my cooking:)When I hit the kitchen ,there's always a chance that something can go horribly wrong!(anyone remember the story of me setting the pancake on fire in the microwave at work several years ago??)

Got the nicest letter this week from a young man that I had been sending cards/letters to while he is in basic training...picked him up off the Soldiers' Angels TLC board. What warmed my heart and renewed my spirit was when he said..."it really makes my day on mailcall to hear my name called." That's  exactly why I keep doing try and make someone's day a little brighter,and let them know we care:)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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