Thursday, February 19, 2015

February 2015

Been working extra hours lately, but finally had time today to take some pics of our wintry weather. Also had time to watch all the birds at the birdfeeders out front through the picture windows, which I Love to do. Took me all morning, but I Finally caught 'Woody Woodpecker' on camera,too :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Love is in the tank :)

Someone gave us a second aquarium, so my husband asked me if for Valentine's Day/our anniversary later this month we could get more fish. (because nothing says "I love you" like..."hey baby, let's buy some more fish"? lol.

Seriously, we had a lot of fun, deciding to move all the Cichlids to the bigger aquarium, getting a few more of them to go in that tank

and then getting some different kinds of fish for the smaller aquarium (plus getting new decorations to put in both tanks)

Love is what you make it, I suppose..and in our case, it was aquariums this year :)

plus, it was time to get a new computer chair...the other chair would slowly descend randomly while you were sitting in it, and suddenly you would feel like a preschooler sitting at a desk for high schoolers or something, with your chin practically on the it will be no surprise to anyone who knows my husband that This was the chair we got!
 Happy Valentine's day everyone !