Monday, February 13, 2006


Church WAS cancelled,so we laid around like slugs yesterday, watched movies("Waiting' was cute)and Tony made French Toast and sausage for breakfast. (brunch)Here's a pic from the local paper.

Prior to the snow, I went to Food Lion and got....milk and bread! LOL. No,really, we NEEDED milk and bread anyway....but why is it that people always rush to the store and buy milk and bread prior to a snowstorm?I remember the blizzard of '96 partly because of bread, I had been out of bread right before the blizzard. So our family was introduced to 'Hawaiian Toaster Bread' because when I finally made it to the store that was all that was left. Due to the obligatory run on milk and bread prior to a snow.

Further reviewing the DVD's we picked up prior to the snow....finally saw War of the Worlds.....ok. Legend of Zorro sucked, another movie that got ejected before the end....In Good Company was April's pick, and also a pretty cute movie. And some weird horror movie that I picked, which turned out to be a FRENCH horror movie, with English voice overs and subtitles (why has no one learned by this point NOT to let ME pick out movies?)It was fun in that it was sort of like watching old Godzilla get hung up on watching their mouths and listening to the dialog and they don't match. For the life of me I cannot remember the name of this movie, but once you got past the dialog thing, there was actually a plot twist and oh yeah, it was pretty gory.

Kyle bought a paintball gun and went out to shoot with Morgan's brother. April went sledding(or 'sleigh riding' as they call it here in Virginia...almost 30 years here and some of their colloquialisms still flip me they call snow hats 'toboggans' and growing up in MI we always RODE toboggans)

Had a nice surprise this a thank you email for one of the Christmas care packages that we sent to a Virginia unit in Iraq. :) That was a nice way to start the morning.

Did another 'photostory' yesterday....only because April has been playing the 'move it' song from Madagascar OVER and OVER and it was stuck in my head. I always have fun putting together the pics for those.:)

And once again, life in the 'watching paint dry' zone....have a great week!Image

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