Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bunny Rescue (Updated)

UPDATE  Darn, we found the owners, they live up the street. Ah well, we had a 'bunny for a day', at least.



Look at the bunny we found this morning, outside crouched under Tony's truck,shivering,poor thing.

(and yes, Tony took a picture of her on the Stove...rofl...I have no idea Why:)

I saw it under his truck when I came home from work this morning. I crouched down and said 'hello,bunny"....and "here, bunny".....which just seemed to scare it,LOL. Went in and woke Tony up, and he brought out lettuce and lured it out so he could pick it up.
We are presuming it's abandoned, although we have put up a few fliers around the neighborhood in case it just got lost.
Tony has been wanting a dog, and when he was holding.....him?her? it?....when we got inside, he looked down at 'Bunny' and said "this sure is a funny looking dog!
"He asked for a dog, and God gave him a bunny"......I think there's a country song somewhere in that :)
If no one says they've lost her, I guess we'll keep her/it/him.  Currently she's upstairs in one of the spare rooms, where we can keep the door shut so the cats don't kill her even tho she is Bigger than our smallest cat,lol, and we went and got some rabbit food and bedding/litter. 
(actually, the cats got along with her OK, altho they seemed startled,lol, and now they are giving me funny looks....."there's that woman that brought in that...Thing...good heavens, what will she do Next! Keep an eye on her :   :)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Update on our exciting lives :)

We went to Tony's brother's house last night for dinner, had a Great dinner :) spaghetti and garlic bread, and we took 'Cookie Salad" for dessert. That dessert is one that I got the recipe from my Mom about 17 years ago, I think, and everyone Loves it!

"Famous Cookie Salad"

1-5.1 oz. pkg. Instant Vanilla Pudding

2 cups buttermilk

8 oz. Cool Whip

1 pkg. Striped Shortbread cookies (broken up)

2 small cans (or one large can) drained Mandarin oranges.

Mix the Instant pudding mix with the 2 cups of buttermilk(instead of regular milk) and the Cool Whip. Break up the striped shortbread cookies and mix in. (or, as I refer to this operation,lol....'smush' the cookies) Mix in drained mandarin oranges.

(I usually mix it up the day before I need it, to let it 'set' in the frig. very YUM! :)


Tony's brother and his family have a  Wii  ! Yay :)  So, I was able to kick butt in Bowling:) even though everyone always makes fun of the way I throw the ball. I SO want a Wii!!

We also took April's  Tri Bond game that she got from Tracy and Adam for Christmas, and had a lot of fun playing that,too :)


Yesterday was a trip,LOL, it was just So typical of what life around here is like. I was on the computer, trying to finish a blog post over on my Mail Call blog, and it took me forever,because of the goofy people I live with :)

To attempt to describe it? Tony was watching something on TV, and I was on the computer, and we'd told April that she Had to clean her room,no more procrastinating!lol. (hmmm...procrastinating, wonder where she gets That from, any ideas,Mom? :)

So, someone at church had given April a bag of hand-me-downs for her to see if she wanted anything, and suddenly she starts coming upstairs while she's trying them on, to ask us what we think. It went something like this.....

April (coming upstairs from her room) "How do you think this looks?"

Me"that looks good,I like that shirt,it looks cute on you."

April "Dad,what do you think?"

Tony "Yes, that looks nice."

April (coming upstairs from her room) "do you think this looks ok?"

Me "no, I think that shirt is too tight."

April(coming upstairs from her room) "how does this skirt look?"

Me "that looks cute"

Tony "No, it looks too long...maybe you could shorten it?"

Me "you're actually telling your daughter to wear a Shorter skirt??"

April "how would you do that?"

Me "you'd hem it up."

Tony and April, looking at me in astonishment "You Know how to do That??"

Me "guys....I Do know how to do some things, even if I'm not a very good cook! yes, I know how to hem a skirt,for pete's sake, I took Home Ec, after all!"

Tony "I didn't know you could sew!"

and so it went, with April 'modeling' several more variations of outfits, and we got into a discussion of 'oh, That would look cute, if you wore it on your trip to Hawaii" etc.etc. and then all of a sudden, about the 8th time April came upstairs? Tony said to her,

"Hey! Aren't you supposed to be cleaning your Room??!!"

April "well, I was trying on all these outfits so I could get that bag of clothes out of my room, BEFORE I start cleaning."

ROFL. Nice try, April.


For other family news? Tracy and Adam have two great posts up

Click here: A Red Thread to China: Happy 16 months sweet Charlotte!

Click here: A Red Thread to China: Home movies with Charlotte


and the Drama Dept. at April's school has a website now

We have our tickets for Beauty and the Beast :)

Sister Sue? I hope you are feeling better!

( She sent a cute story about Jake on April's birthday, thinking that we were coming over to celebrate it, and she's trying to explain to a 4 year old that,even though he saw us at Christmas, we live Very Far Away She was finally able to convince him that, even though we couldn't come over, they Could eat a cake they had, to celebrate:)

Cousin Susan's mother continues to have ups and downs, Susan sends updates, and requests continued prayers, and is so grateful for all the prayers already being offered for them, and says she can feel God's hand upon them all during this time.

She also in one of her last updates, included a request for a young family she met in the ICU where her mother is. The father was in a serious accident, and is battling for his life, wife and 2 young please also consider adding those folks to your prayers?

That's all for now. Hope everyone has a good week!




Tuesday, January 22, 2008

April's cake :)

She Loves Dolphins :)

It was, of course, a Dairy Queen ice cream cake!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Slide Show :)

Hey, this one my sister made :) more Christmas!

I think she did a Great job! Thanks,Tracy:)


By the way, I've gotten a CD of JPEG's of Christmas photo's taken while we were up visiting the family.  For some reason? I Can't upload them onto my computer. It must just be a glitch with My computer, because my uncle was able to load them onto His computer from the CD.  So,anyways, I mention this because if anyone has any suggestions for me to try?....I'd Really like to get those photos off the CD and onto my computer!



Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy Birthday,April!

For Monday, January 21.....getting this posted early, so she'll see it! :)



Get Well,Sis!

Sister Sue had to have some emergency surgery this weekend, which she thankfully came through without any problems.

So, just wanted to say GET WELL SOON!!



Thursday, January 17, 2008

Saturday, January 12, 2008

About Time I posted here again :)

Update on Cousin Cappy: The news is still not good, although she survived the please continue the prayers, and my Thanks for that. Her daughter says she can Feel God's Hand on them all, and she attributes that directly to all those who are sending up prayers on their behalf, and is most grateful to everyone.


April went out driving with her Dad last weekend, they for some reason would Not allow me to accompany them,LOL  (just ask any of 'the boys' what They went through when they got their learner's permits,lol, for the explanation of That.....I never screamed, but they all said that the Sharp,Panicked intake of my breath and the grabbing at the door handle and frantically trying to hit the imaginary brake pedal...for some reason? was very Distracting to them! Go figure:)

Tony said April did very well, and after they practiced in a parking lot, he even let her drive on the road a little. Yay! April!

and this brought back memories for me,lol, of when Sue,Kirby, and Tracy all had their turns with me letting them practice driving my car in some parking lot somewhere...I don't particularly remember Kirby or Tracy doing anything particularly startling...but I will Never forget when Sue FLOORED the gas pedal but was NOT holding onto the steering wheel!!!.....oops, MOM, if you are reading this?  Just ignore that part! :)

This also brought back the classic memory of poor Ben, 6'7" and trying not only to learn to drive, but to learn to drive a Stick-shift, crammed into my little (pink) Ford Escort at the time.We were exiting a driveway and turning onto the main road, and he kept stalling out when he tried to let out the clutch. As he drifted to the side of the road and attempted to re-start the car? a car pulled up beside us, and the driver leaned over and asked 'need any help?"

Now, we live in an area where there are Mennonites, very similar to the Amish, but some branches drive black cars...however, they still dress very 'plainly', like the Amish, the men in black with black hats. THIS was the driver that was leaning out and asking Ben if he needed assistance. Ben smiled and nodded at him, and said  he was OK...and after they drove on, just hung his head and said "My God, even the AMISH are trying to tell me how to drive!!!" ROFL. 

That's about it, I had strange troubles all week off and on, trying to do blog posts...and then you read this,lol, and think'why'd she bother?" but.....this is 'bout as exciting as it gets!



Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Prayers for Cousin Cappy

Cousin Susan's mother has been in hospital since yesterday, and is currently in surgery.Please keep all the family in your prayers, and thanks so much.