Monday, February 6, 2006

Injured at Church! and other adventures in life

In another steller example of why I am a 'dork'.....I injured myself at church yesterday!!!

It was the end of the service , and I was sitting next to my aunt. April is now singing in the choir, and the choir had been sitting in the front of the church. I was attempting to see her, and also trying to stand up at the same time, and also talking to my aunt,Lynn. (Clearly,one sees something awful about to happen just from the information that I was trying to do 3 things at!:)

Well, I spied April, and quickly leaned over to give Lynn a kiss good bye on her cheek....and managed to somehow bump my backside against the corner of the pew,Man!those things are sharp!!!!and they hurt!!! Who knew church could be so dangerous!!!

Driving home, I said to April "I hurt my backside at church'. When I related the story to her,she asked"how are you going to tell Dad this story without him laughing at you?"  I replied"Honey, I don't see how to tell anyone this story and NOT have them laugh at me!"

I am now the proud owner of a huge and vicious bruise, and it sort of hurts to walk or sit.

We went in the afternoon to visit Tony's brother,Chris, at his new place, and while relating the story to him, Tony commented "Really not surprising, considering that she almost fell down the other day just trying to get up off the couch!" I said "Hey! My foot got caught in the bottom of my robe!"

Continuing with the theme, Tony was deep frying shrimp before the Super Bowl last night. For some reason, the breading did not 'stick' to the shrimp. After he took the first batch out, he said'the only thing I can think to do is wash all this off and start over.' I said,'Hey, let me do it !I have experience at that!" (See Dec. 16 entry about chicken nugget washing)

I wonder what normal people's lives are like?Image

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