Sunday, March 30, 2008 Love

A picture of Tony sewing a neck cooler

one of many he'll be sewing for Dustin's platoon, on our new sewing machine that we got precisely so Tony could do this.

It's already getting up over 100 degrees in Iraq on some days, and it's not unusual for temps to be 120 to 130 degrees in the summer.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Trip

Well, we're home. Had a great time on our 'mini-honeymoon', after we dropped the daughter off at 5 AM! on Saturday, for Her trip to Hawaii, we set off for Ohio.  Went through some Snow on the way, which startled me,lol....we've had so little snow in Virginia that I guess I just forgot that other parts of the country were still experiencing Winter.

As usual, I Forgot to take pictures of the snow as we were passing through PA and OH :)

The  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was, I'm sorry, pretty darn disappointing to both of us. Tony is still astonished that they had Nothing whatsoever about Woodstock, for pete's sake....and although sister Tracy asked for pictures? we discovered when we got there that you're Not Allowed to take pictures. (and it would have been way cool, for example,to take a pic of us standing next to the ZZ Top Eliminator car!)

They had tons of security people all over the place, you had to check your camera in and leave it at the coat check stand. Tony asked me 'wonder why they don't check cell phones,too? what about camera phones?" and later, we saw a security guy yelling at someone taking a pic with a cell phone.

So,here's our big 3 pictures that we took on That part of the trip:


We ended up not even Buying anything in their store....the only memento we got was a picture they take when you first come in. 


The  Pro Football Hall of Fame  was Much more fun :) and you Can take pictures in there,yay:) 


We bought several memento's there, and I mentioned to the girl at their shop that we'd disappointed by the Other Hall of Fame, and she said we're Not the first folks that had said that.

All in all ,though, a fun trip! :) and now, here's a picture of something we came across on a back road in West Virginia while coming home....amazing.



Friday, March 14, 2008

Radioheads and "Pie Day" :)

It's been a Looonnnggg week....worked night shift all this week, and never seemed to get enough sleep, so even though I'm off today, I still feel like I'm not awake,lol.

Took April shopping with a family friend this past Weds, for her to get clothes for the Hawaii trip.  As always, we 'channel surf' about 7 different radio stations while riding in the car, why stick to just one?

So, I come across an Eminem song, and turn it up...April looks at me and lifts an eyebrow and says "seriously,Mom? you Like that?"

I'm like "oh yeah, I like ole Marshall Mathers....he's a Dee-troit boy, gotta love 'em." so April is texting to her friend 'my mom is So weird',lol. 

 after that song, April is surfing stations and comes across Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water" and says 'Woo Hoo!' and turns the volume up.  I say to her "April, that song is from back in My day.....I think we are seriously mixed up here, you've got the Mom cranking up the rap song, and the daughter cranking up the oldies." :)

We had a Great time shopping, and she got some Great clothes :)  just need to get a few more odds and ends! and then it's Hello Hawaii for our girl,

(and Hello Rock & Roll and Pro Football Hall of Fame for her parents :)

She had a choir concert Thursday night,and after we got home, she said "oh darn, I meant to ask you to stop so I could get a pie for tomorrow."  I'm like "why in the heck is March 14th 'take a pie to school day?" and she replies "Mom.....3 point 1-4?"

The light dawns,and I'm like...."Oh....Pi day!!" and it just struck me funny, so I started laughing....which started April, we're both in the kitchen bent over cracking up so hard that I have tears running down my face. Tony comes in and looks at us, and I manage to finally gasp "gee honey, do you know what tomorrow is? it's Pi day" and then "three point one four" and go off into gales of laughter again. 

He just shook his head and left the kitchen,LOL.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sis! :)

Happy 37th, to my youngest sis! :)


Tracy blogged about her birthday   here

and her husband Adam had a great post  here


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Riding with Miss April

I've mentioned before that the dear daughter needs 40 hours of driving time with the 'rents,lol, Before she takes on-the-road driver training at school. (clearly, ha ha, a plan designed to give Me more gray hair?)

In order to help her get the hours, one of the things I try to do when I work 3-11 shift, is to get up at 7 am so she can drive to school that morning, because it's also the only time I see her that day. (and this helps my heart rate in the morning,too!)

So,yesterday was another day I did that (and I ended up working from 3 pm yesterday until 7 am This morning, but that's another story) and while we were on the way to school, we heard sirens in the distance. Turns out, it was a school bus accident:

NOT April's bus, by the way. I Did see the accident and all the rescue/emergency vehicles in the distance when I was driving home after April got out at school, but didn't realize it was an accident With the bus involved until later, when the school system sent out a mass email.
Actually, April does a Good job driving, I even let her drive home from church this past Sunday, on those winding back roads from church .    I think I only used the imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side Twice, which is good, for me,LOL.
She leaves for Hawaii in just a few weeks! Can't believe it's finally here! I was looking at the itinerary yesterday, as I was trying to email Dustin's wife about when April might have free time, the band and choir are going to have an Awesome time!!
We need to go shopping for some clothes for her!!
well, that's my update for now, just wanted to check in.  sister Tracy had a
6 month update  posted yesterday on their blog, and that reminded me that I hadn't checked in here for awhile
.(oh, and sis also has a Birthday, coming up this Friday!!)