Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Birthday Gift from my Husband:)


I collect spoons, and recently my collection became larger than my display holder.

So, the above is what Tony made for me for my birthday:)

Pretty 'sweet',huh?

Thanks!'re an awesome husband! :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Virginia Beach, and More Dork Adventures

Tony and I went to a campout at Virginia Beach this last weekend...except we chose to 'camp out' at a hotel,lol, because it had gotten colder here a few weeks ago.
So, of course, it got Warmer this past weekend, and we could have 'tented' it after all.

The campout was at First Landing State Park which was really beautiful.

We went to a sunrise devotional service on the beach on Sat morning, and Tony took some Great sun rise pictures, I thought:






This was the beach we were on


and here's another beach view


and That is all the Beach pics we got,lol, because we went back for a pancake breakfast at the campout, and then when we decided to go back and take a walk on the beach.....I FORGOT the camera, and left it in the car!

So, there will be No pictures of the seagull we saw who was trying to bust open a tennis kept flying up in the air and dropping it, and pecking at it....Tony said "that would have made a hilarious video.....if only someone had REMEMBERED THE CAMERA!"

and there are also No pictures of the dog who was jogging with it's owner, and trying to grab Two tennis balls at once, but could only get one at a time in it's mouth (and sheesh, did a ship carrying tennis balls have a leak further out in the ocean, or what?) and we were cracking up watching the dog for about 5 minutes......another missed video chance.

and, of course...No pics of the waves rolling in, the seagulls further out who were feeding on a school of fish, the wind blowing, or us wading at the water's edge...........such is my life,LOL
"pictures I Didn't take"

We had a lovely weekend,regardless:)
And, for further 'dork adventures', the dryer almost caught on fire! I was doing laundry in the basement, and was upstairs and heard the smoke detector going off....when we got downstairs, April's room and the laundry room were filled with smoke, and the dryer was smoking, but not yet on fire....yikes!

oh, and did I mention the dog Ate the kitchen floor??