Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Goodbye,and 'Rooby Roo'

Operating under the impression that sometimes people read this...lol. I figured I should post a 'goodbye to Kyle's blue car' pic...if you read a previous post, I said he had car trouble. Well, the operation would've cost more than the patient was worth, so Kyle just bid farewell to the car and worked out a deal with Ben to buy back the van.     I told Kyle I guess everyone goes through this, this car was his 'baby' that he worked so hard for and then nailed the deer with it right after he bought it, and now this.

Then I did the 'old person's' thing of saying"I remember ....back when I was 18 "(an idea that I think one's children find inconceivable, that you ever WERE 18!:)...."when I totalled my first really cool car...a 1979 Chevy Nova....it was during a freak snowstorm in 1981, and I never forgot that car".....and of course by this time I was talking to myself, because all your children's brains turn off whenever you start out a sentence with "back in MY day"(or something similar).

That was nice of brother Ben to agree to sell the car back,and speaking of Ben.....he is working at Target and also Sam Goody(till they close) and possibly going to be starting parttime as a security guard at the mall. I told Ben he has the 'wrong Roo' on his yahoo page, because Emma had to redo her page...and so I told him to get the 'right roo'....and then it ocurred to me to say 'right roo' three times really fast!(because I have been unable to sleep since 2 am, for some reason)which made me think of Scooby snacks ("Rooby Roo").....which reminded me of when April was on the 'Scoobies' soccer team back when she was 5 and all of us parents would cheer for them by yelling "Rooby Roo".....so that's the mental pic I'll leave you with. A bunch of adults on a soccer field yelling "Rooby Roo".

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