Thursday, February 9, 2006

I got Tagged

I got 'tagged' by sister Tracy     oh golly, my first time! Hope I'm dressed right,lol. Anyway, here goes:   Four jobs I've had: 1. 6 months in a poultry plant cutting off chicken wings, did not eat chicken for 2 years afterwards! 2. LPN in numerous nursing homes over the last 12 years 3. LPN in a psychiatric state hospital for a year. 4. Desk clerk at the Holiday Inn   Four movies I can watch over and over: 1. The Replacements 2.Drop Dead Gorgeous 3.Princess Bride 4. The first Matrix movie   Four Places I've lived: 1. Clearwater,FL (first 3 years of my life, do you have to REMEMBER living there?:) 2. Ft.Eustis,VA (I DO remember that, Dad was in the Army) 3. Middletown,OH 4.Parchment,MI   Four TV shows I love: 1. LOST 2.Invasion 3.Law and Order(the original) 4.CSI(the original)   Four Places I've vacationed: 1.Oahu!!!Best vacation ever,for my brother's wedding in 2003. 2. Evergreen,CO    went tubing in the South Platte River 3. Homosassa Springs,FL(Grandma lived there) 4. Upper Peninsula,MI and Mackinaw Island   Four of My Favorite Dishes: 1. "Chili,Cheese, and spaghetti"--Mom's old dish to use upleftovers is our family favorite. 2. Taco salad 3. Sweet and sour pork 4. Meatloaf(only because growing up, we only ever had it for my birthday, because everyone else hated it)   Four sites I visit daily: 1.Mudville Gazette 2. Blackfive 3. Soldiers Angels message boards 4. US Dept of Defense official website   Four places I would rather be right now: 1.Oahu 2. Lake Superior(Minnesota's North Shore) 3. Hong Kong(to see my brother's daughter that I've never met yet!) 4. At WORK,since that would mean I had a JOB again!!!!   Four bloggers I am tagging: 1.Mom, so maybe she'll do her 360 page 2.Ben,so he can ignore it. 3.Kyle,so he'll START a blog 4.Trish,since she just started hers
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