Friday, February 29, 2008

Our Wedding 2/28/08


Chris and Pam got us a cake as a surprise :)

Woo Hoo! We're Married! :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fast Food Follies

So, on the trip to KY, we go up to the drive-thru at a Hardee's.

Tony orders his meal, and the girl asks him" Do you want curly fries with that? or bacon/cheddar fries? or regular fries?"  Tony tells her "curly fries".

He orders my meal, and starts to say "curly fries" and I say "No, wait...I want bacon/cheddar fries." so he tells her "um...make one of those orders, bacon/cheddar fries."

She asks him "Which One?"

The LOOK on Tony's face, of complete and utter astonishment.....his face so Clearly said "what does it Matter, Which order has the bacon/cheddar fries?" coupled with the girl's question...."which one?"

I was bent over double,whooping with laughter, until tears were running down my face.


My re-telling of this might not seem as funny as the actual occurrence :) but we now have a new catchphrase in our family,LOL....."Which One?"

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pictures from Kentucky

We were trying out the new camera, just playing around with it, but thought y'all might like to see the slideshow.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Farewell,Cousin Cappy. Godspeed and Rest in Peace.

Cousin Cappy, whom I requested prayers for back on Jan.9th, has gone home to be with her Lord and Saviour today, I just got the news from her daughter,Susan, a little while ago.

The family had been able to take her home these last few weeks, with hospice care. Susan included in her email the obituary for her mother.

Mary Catherine (Cappy) Heath Brown, 84, joined her Heavenly Father, parents, brother -Robert A. Heath, and a host of friends in her eternal resting place on Feb 22, 2008 from her home in Hazard, KY. Born March 11, 1923, in Frankfort, KY, she was the daughter of Robert Miller and Grace Anderson Heath. A teacher by nature and practice, she taught mathematics in Florida and throughout Eastern Kentucky. She was a founding faculty member of Hazard Community College and also taught at Hazard High School, Knott County Central, Prestonsburg Community College and Pikeville College. An active church member and supporter, Mary attended church at First Christian Church of Hazard, Crestwood Christian Church in Lexington, KY and more recently Community Presbyterian Church in Lothair. She leaves behind a loving family including her husband of 56 years, John K. Brown II, her children: Bob Brown (Brenda White) – Somerset, KY; Cathy Brown – Middlesboro, KY; John K. Brown III (Susan) – Lexington, KY; and Susan Brown Smith (George)- Bluefield, WV: 4 grandchildren: David & Laura Brown – Lexington, KY; Sarah & Savannah Smith – Bluefield, WV; her sister, Jane Ott – Omaha, NE, and her dog “Lucky” as well as a host of nieces, nephews, friends, neighbors, and former students. She supported numerous charities and had an extremely giving nature. A child of God, Mary served the Lord in every capacity as a wife and mother, teacher, role model and friend. Visitation will be at the Engle/Walker Funeral Home on Sunday, February 24 from 2:00 – 6:00 pm. Services will be held at the Community Presbyterian Church in Lothair on Monday, February 25 at 1:00 pm. Burial will be in Frankfort Cemetary in Frankfort, KY on Tuesday, February 26 at 11:00 am. .

Memorials suggested to the Mountian Community Hospice, her Church families, or a charity of your choice.
I only ever met cousin Cappy once, when my daughter April was an infant.......she and her husband Jack, and their daughter,my cousin,Susan, stopped through here one afternoon all those years ago.
I was a single mom of 3 at the time, and in all the years after that while I was raising my children? Cousin Cappy sent me a check every Christmas,to use for whatever the kids and I needed at Christmas. Many years, that check paid for our Christmas tree and some gifts for the kids.
I can never remember all the degrees of 'cousinship', but to define how we were related? My grandmother,Minna Lou, had a sister named Pat, who married Dock. Jack is their son, and he married Cappy.
However she was related to me?....Cappy was in my eyes an angel who looked out for us every year at Christmas, and she was a great blessing in our lives for many years.
And now she is truly an Angel.
 Rest in peace, Cappy, and we're keeping your family and friends in our prayers.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Could I have some ice with that,please?

LOL....I hate coming up with titles, actually.

We are supposed to be in for a winter storm,ice, messy,yuck kind of weather, starting this evening thru Friday. I have a feeling I won't make it home from work for awhile, when I go in later today!

so,I'm packing a small bag to take to work...gee, like it's a vacation or something..NOT :)

We finally got a new camera,Yay:)  so I guess April and Tony can take pictures of the weather,if I don't make it home till sometime this weekend.

 They went Tues night to the final Hawaii meeting(I had to work), April only has to be there at FIVE A.M. the morning they leave!  This should be interesting, they have the kids on two different groups on two flights, on the way there.....and April's group has FOUR different plane changes, on the way Back. Can you say'thank God I'm Not a Chaperone?"

Latest Marriage news? Possibly the 28th of February.   I'll keep y'all posted, this seems to change about like the weather, two days ago I thought it wasn't until March 21.

See ya when I see ya :)


Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day, and Beauty and the Beast

Valentine's Day

Tony got me flowers, a box of candy, and a DQ ice cream I'll be a FAT Valentine,LOL:)

I got him underwear (NOT pictured,LOL) and a Tony Stewart tin of chocolate, and a Monkey that Whistles when you press it.

(the pics didn't turn out that great...we So need to get that new camera! :)

And, last night we went to the performance of Beauty and the Beast. You can't take pictures during the performance, but here's our girl after the show...with her chocolate rose, her Real rose, and her 'light up' rose.

The cast did a Great job, and darn it, I Didn't get a pic of cousin Bryan...he was on the other side of the room after the show.


Our Back Porch

During the last snow, we sure had a lot of birds stop by :)

Happy Birthday,Kyle!

Happy 22nd Birthday,to my son Kyle :)


Monday, February 11, 2008

An Early Valentine Surprise

It occurred to me (when I realized my aunt didn't know this,lol) that I might've forgotten to mention that Tony and I are planning on getting married either the end of this month or the first part of March.

Tony surprised me early for Valentine's Day this past Friday, when he bought the wedding rings :)