Saturday, February 11, 2006


Yay! It's snowing,it's snowing!ImageI've missed snow this winter! You can tell I don't have anywhere to go today, can't poor Kyle is out at the 'Wal-Mark'(as some of the locals say) pushin' those carts!Am sure he is not quite as happy as I am about the snow.

April went to a birthday party last night. She got her hair cut yesterday, will have to get Kyle to get a pic,but she got it shoulder length and parted on the side and it looks fantastic. She also said she got invited to another birthday party next weekend.

My day yesterday was .....different. Had gotten a call Thursday from an online application froma place over in Charlottesville(hour and a half from here) the woman said she knew it was last minute, but was leaving town next week....could I come over Friday for an interview?

So, when I show up for the interview.....she's NOT THERE. I heard she 'forgot' . Well, I wasn't too thrilled about  that! Didn't leave me with a very good impression of the place anyway...if you're too disorganized to remember on Friday an interview you scheduled on Thursday, I have serious doubts about whether I want to work for you. They did ask me to 'wait an hour' till she came in....sorry, not happening, I went home via a way where I could stop at several other places along the way to put in applications.

I did run into someone I went to nursing school with there. Boy, THAT sent me back!This girl and two others made my life and that of several other people in nursing school a hell while we were in school. One woman's son tried to commit suicide while we were in school...we had folders where our papers were returned, and I left her a note in her folder saying"Keeping you in my prayers"...that's how we found out those 3 girls were going thru the folders during lunchtime, to look at others grades. Because the openly MOCKED the note, they'd look at each other with sickly sweet smiles and say"I'm praying for you" and smirkand snort and laugh. They also openly mocked one of our instructors,during class....a person who I think is one of the most likely candidates for sainthood I've ever met.

All in all, they were the least compassionate and most ugly-spirited people I'd ever met. It still horrifies me to this day that any of the 3 of them wanted to be nurses!I would not have let them take care of my DOG.

I particularly remembered this girl because we had a vote before graduation on whether we would do a choral reading of "A Nurse's Prayer' poem, and she was extremely ANGRY that we voted 'yes'....was quite irate that it was not a written anonymous vote,said she was 'intimidated' by the fact that it was a show of hands vote and so didn't feel she could vote 'no' ,but the lasting impression I have of her is that she was highly OFFENDED that we were going to read anything with the word PRAYER in it.

So, it was somewhat surrealistic to run into her at that job interview yesterday, and have her seem so 'excited' to run into me...she was tellling everyone"I know she's a good nurse, cause we went to school together'(Tony was falling down laughing when I told him, he asked 'how does that necessarily follow?)Let's just say that if God wanted to send me a message that this was NOT a place for me to work, He couldn't have chosen a better way than for me to run into this person:)

Well, that's life in a nutshell right now. Have a good weekend!

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