Saturday, February 4, 2006

Mis-Adventures in Computerland

Arghhhh! OK, here's a tip....DON'T download AOL instant messenger's Triton Beta! I did that yesterday, since Kyle uses AIM a lot.....and somehow managed to wipe out a bunch of stuff for Kyle, and most of my AOL address book!!!!

Fortuantely, I had most of the same addresses in my Yahoo address book, so I was able to rebuild it. So, that is what I have been doing this morning....UNinstalling the Aim Triton, and REinstalling the previous version of AIM. "Dorks R Us' meets Geekland,lol.

Other than that....the job hunt continues. Went to a friends' daughters' basketball game last night(they were playing Dustin's high school) and couldn't find the friend! I stayed about an hour and watched the JV game, and then left. Kyle went to Morgan's game, and they lost,sigh.

Tony and I came home and played poker with Little Miss Las Vegas card shark(April:)She had gotten a poker set for her birthday that she hadn't used yet,so we broke that in with Texas Hold 'Em. Tony, of course,won.

Today, Tony is doing a job for his landlord at someone's trailer, Kyle is off so of course going to hang out with Morgan, and April is going to a friend's house to play video games this afternoon.

I had a nice surprise from Yahoo 360 last night. Logged on and had a message from a girl who used to live in Harrisonburg, now lives in Alaska and is married to a deployed service member. She had come across my page, and sent me this message:

I just came across your yahoo 360 page and wanted to thank you for supporting our troops. I am a miltary spouse with a deployed husband and I know that soldiers really appreciate all that people like you do for them. Thanks again!

What a nice message to get!!!!Image

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