Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Pancake story

Emma and Ben stopped by yesterday, and apprently Emma had never heard this story. For those of you who might have questions as to whether or not I am a 'dork'..........

I was working at a nursing home several years back, and went to reheat a pancake in the microwave. For some reason, someone had re-set reheat to TEN minutes,not when I threw my pancake in,saw a one and a bunch of zeroes and just hit start and then got called away.

Next thing I knew,the fire alarm was going off and the maintenance man came running onto the unit and yelled at us,"Can't you smell that smoke?!" and then grabbed the microwave with the now-flaming pancake inside and ran outside with it to put it out.

The fire dept. responded to the fire alarm.....and let me tell you,very few people are privileged in their lifetime to see a bunch of firefighters in full gear standing around a microwave with a blackened pancake in it, laughing their a#*es off!But I am one of those peopleImage

I worked there for awhile after that, and  EVERY time we had a fire alarm,there was always at least ONE firefighter who would see me and ask "had any pancakes lately?" and then bust a gut laughing,and all his buddies would be guffawing with him.

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