Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy New Year!:)

Well, I almost stopped blogging here this past year, but then just couldn't quite say good-bye to this little blog:)
So, here's wishing you a Happy New Year!

and I had fun on Facebook compiling the 'year in pictures' and 'the year in status updates', so thought I'd share them here:

The Best of my 2010 Status Updates on Facebook:

and The Best of the Year in Pictures from Facebook:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Had a Lovely Christmas, hope you did,too:)

Tony and I received a beautiful photo blanket from Ben and Emma :)
and, as I said on my other blog  Woot! Books

and we shared the day with family members dropping by!

On Christmas Eve day at work, I had gotten my arm walloped by an elevator door just before the end of my shift, so I spent Christmas Eve going to the E.R. instead of candlelight service....but,nothing was broken, and although my arm was still sore, I was able to enjoy Christmas Day.

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back from Hawaii:)

Tony and I just got back from beautiful Oahu, where we went to celebrate the wedding of his son, Dustin, to a lovely girl :)
The link for wedding pictures is  Here
and the link for random other pictures is  Here

and now, we're home....and it's snowing! :)