Monday, December 15, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Every year, I repost the video of my daughter's solo in church back in '07

because I love it. Hope you enjoy! (I know she hates when I do this,lol, but that's what mothers are for :)

Wreaths Across America 2014

This past Saturday the 13th, Tony and I participated as volunteers in the wreath laying at Arlington National Cemetery.

The link to my blogpost about it on my other blog (and the link to the pictures we took)
is  HERE

We unfortunately missed the opening ceremony because the Metro was a mad crush of volunteers heading to the cemetery, and we had to use our phones to take pictures because the entire pack of extra batteries we'd bought were useless :( but it was still an uplifting, moving, awe-inspiring event to be a part of, honoring our nation's fallen heroes.