Monday, May 16, 2011

Planting flowers:) and..pool's open!

so, due to a sale on some plants from someone closing a small greenhouse, we are now 'planters' :)
 we started out with 5 gardenia plants and an aloe plant, and then of course had to get topsoil, according to my husband, who Has actually planted stuff before..myself? I'm known for previously killing an air fern (which is supposed to be indestructible) and then, we had to get More plants..
                                        tomato plants are in the back row..I wouldn't Know they were tomato plants, lol, except someone else told me they were. I spent my early years always finding a reason to be gone when gardeners around me got to gardening,lol.
I also got 2 hanging pots with flowers, too, for the lower deck.

and then Tony got ahold of a Michigan Bulb company catalog, so possibly I've created a monster..

April and I went to see  Bridesmaids  (which was Hilarious, by the way:) and came home to Tony saying 'um, I ordered some bulbs", and that's how it starts!!

oh, and by the way...pool's open!

we went for the first swim on Saturday!! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Young Woman Missing:Update:FOUND!

UPDATE: Katalina has contacted her family and says she's safe, although she's not home yet, according to this news story:

Thanks be to God.

Thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of  Katalina Mikitarian, 21, missing since May 9th. Today, her family and others are traveling to the Charlottesville,Virginia area to hand out missing fliers.

This is the unimaginable 'worst nightmare' for any of parent...your child is missing.

There is a Facebook page to help spread the word, and this blogger D.L. Diener has a badge code that you can post on your blog to spread the word,too. Here is a downloadable  PDF file with a flyer.

 Here's an article from the Charlottesville Daily Progress
Missing woman may have come through Charlottesville

If you have information? some phone numbers are listed on this flyer

Saturday, May 7, 2011


                                              It will be a bittersweet Mother's Day this year, as my husband and his family just laid his mother to rest this morning. Rest in Peace, Louise.