Sunday, July 24, 2011


So I wake up this morning and walk in the bathroom and don't see my hairbrush..I'm 50 years old,lol, and This is the song that immediately starts running through my head..

the other day, the folks next door had hung a small line to hang some towels on their porch..when I took the dogs out in the back yard, Riggo
startled by something new,lol, starts Barking at the laundry on their line..what a Goof!! :)

lastly..we all got new phones with our latest upgrade, and I discover what a Dork I am once again

it actually took me about TWO days to successfully start using the touchscreen, ha ha, without randomly flipping the screen to something I didn't even want..can you say 'tech-challenged'?

have a great day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Grandson arrived, and Happy Birthday to half the family ,lol.

New grandson arrived July 22nd, yay! No pics yet, I'll withhold details and announcements until the young family gets home and sends more info :)

and today, July 23, three in our family share a birthday (possibly I exaggerated when I said 'half the family'? nah, I would never exaggerate,lol)

so, Happy Birthday! to sister Sue, and to sons Ben and Dustin!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Had a Great time camping :)

Had a great time camping again this year in Natural Chimneys Park

We actually ended up camping for Five days, which was a nice surprise! Tony decided to add an extra day, as the way my days off fell, he decided we'd go out a day early.

Set up the campground Weds afternoon and woke up Thursday morning to a gorgeous day and tried to capture the sun rise coming through the trees, the rest of our pictures are  HERE

While Tony and a friend went fishing at a trout farm, I stayed behind to read and also to catch up on some letter writing to the troops...was sitting on the lawn chair, with a light breeze blowing, and even though I could faintly hear bluegrass, the Grateful Dead and Iron Butterfly all at the same time from various campsite' was still very peaceful and quiet.

Two ladies were walking by our campsite and they said hello, and remarked on the beautiful day, and how relaxed I look and how nice our campsite looked..and as they started to walk on, one of them turned and said 'there's only one thing wrong with your campsite,though'..and I started laughing because I already knew what she was going to say 'the Redskins stuff',lol..yup, she was a Dallas fan :)

All in all, a lovely relaxing and renewing trip :)