Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn pictures

Last year, it occurred to us After fall was over, that we should have taken pictures of the trees in the back as they changed colors. So this year, we're trying to do that.

First pictures were taken Thurs,Sept 25.

And the second set of pictures were taken yesterday and today.

More to come in the days ahead..

Our "Three Amigos"

A friend in Australia refers to her dogs as 'the 3 Amigos', and now that Bo has joined our family, we have our Own 'Three Amigos'

                                        Brownie,Riggo and Bo

It was hilarious this morning when I tried to do my stretches for my back (I hurt my back the end of August)..I normally do them in a room where I can close the door, since I lay on the floor to do them..but all three dogs were napping, so I thought I'd try lying on the floor in the front room.

Is there such a thing as 'too much love'? I think so,LOL, at least it felt that way this morning when as soon as I laid on the floor, I suddenly had the 3 dogs plus one of the cats decided that my actions meant I wanted to play with them...I was literally 'rolling on the floor laughing' while trying to fend off the affections of all of the pets, ha ha.

I gave up and decided to go stretch in a room where I could shut the door!

Bo,Riggo and Brownie

Well ,it's always fun to have pets. and this Used to be My couch, ha ha.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remembering on September 11th

Over on my troop support blog, I've posted

Remembering on September 11th

Please join me today in keeping the families and friends of all those lost on that day in our thoughts and prayers.

Never forget.