Monday, April 25, 2011

It'll soon be time..

to break out the pool, baby :) supposed to be in the 80's today!!
can't wait!!

Had to Work on Easter, but it was fun:)

One of my fellow nurses had an extra set of bunny ears that she lent me to wear, so we both were 'Bunny nurses',lol, and I think our resident's really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

mmm..I love food:)

I've been following The Amish Cook feature in our newspaper for years,today there was a post on the editor's blog with a Molasses Cookie recipe
(I love Molasses cookies:)

and if you like cupcakes? check out the daughter-in-law's blog
Cupcakes & Sweets

(here's a pic of the 'cupcake tower' from their wedding :)

Don't forget the cats:)

Ma mere questioned if we still had cats, yes indeed! we do, so I figured I'd post a pic of Tiger and Ginger,
Tiger is the 'grande dame' of the place, the gray and white cat on the right,
and Ginger is the 'tortie' on the left in the pic below :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Our other ridiculous dog,lol

Riggo (who by the way has gotten Huge, hasn't he? )

(look at Riggo and Brownie together, and yikes! Riggo isn't even a year old yet!:)

anyway, the other day Tony attached Riggo's rabies tag onto Riggo's collar, right before we took them outside..and Riggo started trying to attack and bit his tag,lol, twisting his neck around in all these impossible positions, and at one point, even doing a complete backflip while trying to catch ahold of the tag.

would have been a great video, but we were both laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes, because it just looked so ridiulous, and neither one of us wanted to run upstairs and grab the camera.

Life is never dull, is it? when you have pets :) especially when they are such Goofs!

The Impact of the Washing Machine

This was pretty cool, via Friluftsliv:Log Blog Connection