Monday, May 8, 2006

Welcome Home! May is Military Appreciation Month, and ETC.

Wanted to say WELCOME HOME! to an awesome group of guys!Image

Kat has a post up about a welcome home ceremony. AndPaulette has been posting for several days about these guys coming in.(And I should mention here that Kat is already gearing up for another project   Click here: Yikes!: OPERATION: THANKS FOR FREEDOM!

May is Military Appreciation Month, and there's a post up about that at AMERICA SUPPORTS YOU.

Michael Yon  and Dave Earney both have awesome photo essays of dust storms.
Found a couple of new blogs this weekend.(I know, I 'have no life' as my sons put it!Image)
One is from a young woman who's husband will soon be coming home.  
One is from a young Air Force vet who is now in seminary.
Click here: swimming in the deep end   and if you scroll down, you'll come across this post on his blog
Click here: swimming in the deep end: "Lord Have Mercy"   which raises some pretty deep questions.Could I have done what this man felt called to do,and re-establish contact with a known murderer in order to witness to him?Food for thought.
This woman...I just liked the way she came across 
and I didn't realize till I was in the comments that her name is 'Kath'..which just goes to show, I think, that there is a pychic recognition thing between all the "Kat,Kathy,Kathie,Kathi,Kath,Kathryn,Katherine's" etc.etc.LOL.
I'm happy to report that CJ over at A Soldiers Perspective is not TOTALLY retired,Yay!
Click here: A Soldier's Perspective  Check out what he's going to be doing, and if you know any military bloggers who want to take him up on his offer, send them his way!Image
And,from my mom, comes this about conjoined twins   Click here: The Carlsen twins
Which I just can't say enough good things about CaringBridge,they have a wonderful way for folks going through difficult times to easily keep everyone updated on what's going on!
Well, that's a wrap for 'Monday surfing',I guess. Image
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