Friday, May 5, 2006

Let's go 'Surfing' again

When we were in Hawaii in 2003 for my brother's wedding, I would wake up early and go have a cup of coffee on the balcony of our hotel and watch the early morning surfers. The memory of those quiet mornings still brings a sense of peace and calmness.

(And then I'd go wake up my kids and say "hey, what are you doing sleeping?!when are you ever going to be in Hawaii again?Get up so you can start enjoying the day!"and they would all groan"MOM!" and throw stuff at me,lol.)

So,anyway,prepatory to giving you places to 'surf' before the weekend,I thought I'd share yet another pic of our trip to 'paradise'.

Via clicking on a link on a comment on a blog that I'd gotten to from another blog(did you follow that?Image) I found another chaplain   Click here: There and back again

and this is not to be confused with another site called 'There and Back Again'

From  Kristin   comes a link to "is this really for real?"LOL  
Click here: Blogging Points: How To Be A Good Christian Wife     and I can't WAIT to see the comments on this one!(Missy, I'm talking to YOU,lolImage) This has now become a running joke in our household,last night while Tony was playing a computer game I asked him a question and he looked at me and said primly "please,you are distracting me....I need time to relax and unwind" and I hastily (and sarcastically) said "oh, I'm sorry,DEAR,can I get you a snack?!"
(And I'm pretty sure Joey Butafucco debunks the whole A FAT HUSBAND IS A FAITHFUL HUSBAND thing?)snort!
Sadly, I found via Chaplain Luken another person who is battling cancer  Click here: Updates for Al Groves    but he's facing the battle with faith ,just as Dan Roelofs  did.  
And how many of you remember Wil Wheaton? who played Gordie LaChance in "Stand by Me"? and then went on to play on "Star Trek:The Next Generation". He has a blog that I hadn't stopped by for awhile   Click here: WWdN: In Exile    and then his wife also had a link about them running in a marathon for a friend who has beaten cancer.  
Switching back to the 'lighter side',here's a link to a comic's blog  Click here: Paravonia    and it's always interesting to stop by here    Click here: Go Fug Yourself  
or here  
Well, my middle son is breathing down my neck to kick me off the computer, so I'll just say  hope I gave you some different places to check out, and have a good weekend!
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