Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Plugging Sis and BIL's blog again, and Odds and Ends

Gee,Kathi(you're probably saying to yourself:) you post beach pics all the time from your Hawaii vacation in 2003......what ELSE did you do in Hawaii?

I think the above pic answers the question,lol!Image

Besides a gratuitous shot of me involved in one of my favorite pasttimes(eating!) I used this pic because it has my sis and brother-in-law in it....and then I can segue into sending you by their blog again. (smooth,how I did that,huh?:) 

I love the way both of them write(see previous post on their blog done by my sis). And back when he was posting about his bike racing
  I ALSO loved his writing!(Strong hint,Adam!......more racing posts wanted!!!!)
Well, it looks like right now if I want to know more, I need to stop by the Bent Crank Racing site  Click here: Bent Crank Racing    but that's OK, I like going  by there, too!
Under Odds and Ends......Ben is getting a new job,as a car salesman...yay! Ben!(you don't know how much I also look forward to posting that I have a job someday soon.)
They sent Emma to get tested for gestational diabetes today...I thought it was the normal routine test,but they are apparently concerned about her weight....which I thought weight gain was a side effect of the   PUPPP   but I guess they are just trying to cover all the bases.Poor Emma!(Roo)...she seems to be a test case in 'things you don't want to have happen during a pregnancy"! Hopefully, this grandchild of mine will be an 'angel' after he gets here,considering all the shenanigans he's caused while  being in the womb!
Speakingof 'angels'....I'm getting ready to do a post about another Soldiers Angels project over on  Mail Call!   so feel free to stop by later!Image
And,I just received an email from a military wife, alerting me to this special  
which I think I would like to watch, particularly since I don't have HBO and couldn't see the special that Missy mentioned here  
For a more complete listing of CNN Memorial Day weekend specials     
Well, that's a wrap-up for today!Image
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