Friday, May 19, 2006

My sister and brother-in-law's blog,and Odds and Ends

I'm probably biased in this case also,Imagebut I think my youngest sis and the man she's married to are two of the greatest folks I know!

And they are in the process of trying to adopt a baby from China,which seems like something that takes THREE times the amount of time that a pregnancy does! They are blogging their journey(she is,after all, related to me,lol) and if you'd like to check it out 

I am, once again, learning so much from my younger sibling!Image
Under odds and ends, I was going by one of the wounded soldiers CaringBridge sites I have listed on the left, Eric Edmundsen.Click here: CaringBridge - Be There ~ Helping friends and family stay in touch and informed
(And,once again, I can't say enough about the CaringBridge sites, whether it's the Carlsen twins, or wounded soldiers, or someone else suffering from a disease or needing surgery, they are a wonderful way for someone to keep family and friends informed in one central place!)
Anyway,there is no place listed on Eric's site to send cards(but you can always leave a comment) and while I was perusing the comments, I came across this site
which seemed pretty cool.
 And, by the way, that's one of the ways I come across so many places to 'surf' on the Internet (in case you were interested,lol) By clicking on links in comments on blogs, or in the case of the CaringBridge sites? when I was looking thru the comments on the Carlsen twins site....I came across at least 3 other sites of children who were suffering from diseases or facing surgery,because the commenter had listed the site in their signature.
In other odds and ends......last night at the police memorial, the handbell choir did an AWESOME job!They opened the ceremony playing the STAR-SPANGLED BANNER on HANDBELLS, which I had never heard of before.....and even the keynote speaker took a moment to tell the kids what a great job they had done.Image Not too shabby for middle-schoolers. They have had a wonderful director, and I am just sorry that they don't currently have handbells offered in high school,so April could continue. She still will play in the handbell choir at church, but it's a much smaller group(and so they can't play the more difficult compositions.)
Speaking of church, I discovered yesterday our church does not have a website!So, you know me...I emailed the pastor and said "hey,we need to get a website!"I don't think I know enough to set one up myself, but I told him I'd certainly be willing to participate on the committee!(Presbyterians=Committees,lol)
And,I know y'all are gonna groan,but if you want to catch my latest 'surf' report?yes, go on over to Mail Call!  
And,as always,Missy on Yahoo 360 has something pertinent in her blast!
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