Monday, May 29, 2006

May 29,2006 Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day, I could spend all day directing you to the numerous excellent posts that are out there about honoring this day, or remembering the I have decided to point to just a very few posts/videos that I feel capture the true meaning of this 'holiday'.

I found two posts about fallen soldiers,one that is primarily a pictorial account, and I felt that they both seemed to embody the spirit and meaning of this day.I think sometimes when the fallen are reduced to just 'numbers' it can seem overwhelming, or we lost track of  the fact that these are individual lives lost,lives which had a great deal of meaning to family and friends , and the loss leaves an irreplaceable hole for them, and their community.....and,I think, our country at large.

From Sieg's Welt  he lost a friend recently, and he first told us about it here and then  posted a link to the funeral photos  here  .

From  Argghhh!!!The Home of Two of Jonah's Military Guys    comes a several part posting on

"the impact on two families of the death of a soldier". I am putting a link  to the third posting  

The Burial

because it has links in it to the first two posts,which I urge you to also read.

Blackfive  has numerous postings up about Memorial Day, but I wanted to point in particular to the two video tributes he has posted  here  .

Kat at Yikes! emailed me a link to a video


that she found on a friend's blog , who in turn had found it on another blog.

Trish has a thoughtful post  Click here: Yahoo! 360° - Trish's Blog - Never Forget.....

and Christopher Michel has an extemely good editorial on

I especially like his  urging to "honor the dead by supporting the living." So, on this Memorial Day, I'm once again going to urge you to check out  the links I have to some of the organizations supporting the troops......

Soldiers Angels

Angels N Camouflage

Adopt A Platoon

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