Monday, May 1, 2006

Could I be a 'blogoholic'? LOL

Check out this link, it's an old post on this guy's blog, but still a riotImage

Update: And holy cow! His post is from Sept.2005 and do you know what I am doing??LOL. I am clicking on the links to all the people in his comments, and most of them STILL HAVE BLOGS.Sheesh, I am also seriously addicted!!!Image But hey, I'm finding a bunch of new blogs to read! (good heavens, I need a life!)
UPDATE  TWO:  OK, the 'blogoholism' has already affected my brainImage Missy reminded me that HER post the other day is how I ended up finding this guy in the first place. 
So, in the time-honored tradition of 12 step groups...."Hi,my name is Kathi, and I'm a blogoholic...who also suffers from 'senior moments'!"
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