Sunday, May 14, 2006

More of My Dorky Life

Ok, so I go to the library earlier this week, to make copies of my resume before going to put in some applications.

I was wearing a skirt with a slip underneath,since after the library I was planning on going to a job fair. (which something else came up, so I didn't make it that day, but did go put in an application the next day:)

So while I'm standing in the middle of the library at the copy machine, suddenly I feel a small 'ping!' at my waist, and as I look down in horror, apparently the elastic in my slip snapped and my slip gracefully collapses around my ankles!!!!Image

Instead of trying to hide discreetly behind the copier to step out of my slip (and what? stuff it in my purse??) without thinking, I loudly exclaim "OH!!" in THE MIDDLE OF THE LIBRARY!So, anyone who wasn't looking at me before, now turns their head!!!! ROFL.

I love my life,it's so.....interesting.Image

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