Friday, May 12, 2006

Please keep the Carlsen twins in Your Prayers today

Surgery has already begun this morning on the conjoined twins I mentioned earlier this week. The link to the Mayo Clinic website for updates is here  
Their CaringBridge website is here  
if you'd like to go by the guestbook and leave a message.
UPDATE  9:40 pm EST  Webcast of news conference on above link "Carlsen Twins" is just starting!Click on that link and then click on "Live Webcast".
Update two   10:25 pm EST(I have no idea what time it is anywhere else,lol....ok, yeah, in MN it's 9:25 pm)  The news conference is over. I think they are showing footage from the surgery now...don't know for how long. This was absolutely incredible, and it warms my heart to think of those two girls sleeping in their separate beds tonight, for the first time in their lives. At this point the Carlsen's have received 1,220 messages on their website.....what a fantastic outpouring of love and prayers! And I saw one message earlier today from SPAIN!Does it give anyone else chills to think of the 'Global Village' joined together today with one heart in prayer on behalf of these two beautiful girls?
Best wishes to the Carlsens and their two lovely daughters in the days ahead.Image
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