Saturday, April 22, 2006

Weekend Roundup

If you want to know more about this picture? I'm going to send you over to my Mail Call! blog to get the scoop  
(lol, a shameless bid to drive up the numbers over there:)Seriously, though, I hate to post the same thing on all three of my blogs....all 3 or 4 of my readers will get bored!( I have the Mail Call! blog, and then run essentially the same blog for family and friends both on AOL and on Yahoo, since the Yahoo and AOL people among my family and friends can only access one or the other, and never the twain shall meet!)
It's raining here this morning, which is good...we need the moisture, our winter weather sucked as far as providing moisture. I got up all excited because I learned yesterday the Milblog conference was going to have a streaming video feed? 
Click here: Milblog Virtual Conference 2006    only to discover that I needed a webcam and microphone to participate,lol. So much for that! Don't have those!
I had an exciting?(that might not be the word!) hit in the car in the parking lot. Only minor damage was done to the car, but it scared the heck out of me!I was backing up, and some guy on the other side of the parking lot decided to back up also, without was one of those split second moments where a thousand things run through your brain at once, as I looked to the left and realized he was backing straight into my driver's side door!I had NO time to react, I did manage to say "OH!" and slammed both my hands on the horn to try and get his attention to stop him from hitting me(which did not work.) I couldn't have accelerated forward because I was just in the middle of backing out, and had I done thatI would have hit the car parked next to me.
Let me tell you, there is nothing like looking to your left and seeing the back end of a car heading straight for you! Even though he wasn't going that hands were shaking for about 10 minutes afterwards! We both got out, and he kept saying"I'm sorry!"and we looked at my door, which just had a small dent.I knew from when Ben got hit a few years back that there's no point calling the police, they won't come since the accident occurred on private property, and there seemed no point in exchanging insurance info because the dent was fact, seemed way too small for causing my heart to be racing 100 miles an hour!
So, that was my day yesterday(and darn, it would happen right after I cleaned and washed the car,lol)
In other news, another blogger that I love to read is hanging up his hat,CJ over at "A Soldiers Perspective" 
sad to hear it, but can understand that blogging takes up a lot of time!(even for novice bloggers like me:)
And, my friend Missy on Yahoo 360 needs prayers for her cousin
and there is also a recovering soldier whose name I received via Soldiers Angels "Wounded TLC" team who needs prayers. I can't post specifics, but his family has requested prayers for him, and I know you good people will respond!and God bless you for it:)
Well, that's it for now, hope everyone has a good weekend.
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