Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!

Have to share a cute daughter saw the Easter basket we had made to send to the Fisher House (a Soldiers Angels project, for more about the Fisher Houses   Click here: Fisher House -- Helping Military Families  )So she immediately asked "is that MINE?" and when we told her 'no, that's for a family of a wounded soldier " she was saying, "Hey! I'm your DAUGHTER! where's mine??????"LOL....of course we have one for her also, but her dad told her "well, you're a TEENAGER now, aren't you a little old to be getting an Easter basket?"So she's not sure if she's getting a basket!

And wanted to give you all an update on the wounded soldier I had earlier posted about needing cards and prayers? 

God bless all of you for doing such a great job!What an awesome response,so many cards that they are overwhelmed!(check out the April 15 update)
Yesterday at Dustin's track meet, we got to experience the full gamut of weather....I started out shivering in an icy cold rain, with the wind blowing, and ended up getting slightly sunburned in the afternoon. The weather was calling for sunny and 81 degrees, so I put on shorts in the morning and asked Tony, "Do I look like 'Chunky McGunky' in these shorts?" He said "where the heck do you come up with these phrases?" and I said"I think it's from reading too much Dr. Suess!"Image
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter
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