Thursday, April 20, 2006

April 20, 2006

Haven't posted for a few days, not anything earthshaking going on, just busy......the job hunt continues,and yesterday went to Dustin's track meet. In a nail biting moment, he 'scratched' or 'fouled'(out of bounds) the first two of three throws in the shotput.......and then on the third and final throw....he throws the farthest and gets a FIRST place! Wow, talk  about operating under pressure,lol.

Unfortunately, he then didn't even place in the discus....I sometimes think he's feeling the pressure of going all the way to state finals last year as a junior and thinking he has to do it again this year because now he's a senior?And his dad keeps telling him to just ENJOY this last year, and quit putting so much pressure on himself.

Speaking of his dad...he brought the house down with laughter on Easter.ImageEmma and Ben brought April a basket, and Emma brought me a copy of 'Chicken Soup for the Grandmother's Soul".....Tony glanced at it, and asked 'are there any other recipes in it besides for Chicken Soup"....we were all rolling laughing, and I explained that it was a series of inspirational books, NOT cookbooks. Sadly, I fear he's spent too much time around all of us nuts:)

SIGNS OF THE TIMES....While I personally think that homosexual families are wrong(and this is largely based on KNOWING one, and the feelings of the woman's children that they HATE the fact that their mother openly lives with her 'partner') I think what disturbed me most about the gay families attending the Easter egg roll at the White House was that they couldn't just ATTEND......even Tony, who is pretty much a poster child for 'conservative redneck':), said "why couldn't they just attend, and NOT wear rainbow colored leis and bracelets to trumpet the fact that they are gay families?did all the 'traditional' families wear matching necklaces and bracelets to trumpet the fact that they are traditional families?"(ARticle about it here)   

I think I've have had more respect for them if they had just attended, without trying to make it into a big political statement.
In another 'sign of the times', I noticed while in the checkout line atthe dollar store yesterday that they now have those ribbons like you see for troop support in BLUE and instead of red, white and blue and 'support' our troops'....they are simply blue and say only 'Bring our troops safely home'. What do you think about this change?
Lastly, I don't think I have mentioned yet the 'Milblogging conference' that takes place in DC this weekend?   Here's a link, if you want to know more about it.
I think it would've been cool to get by part of it, but on my limited budget, I guess I'll just visit the 'online' coverage,lol. A lot of these bloggers are folks I have been reading for the past two years, and admire greatly.
Speaking of bloggers, 'Totum Depeandent' the blog from Djibouti, has disappeared....either shut down, I suppose, by higher ups in the soldiers chain of command, or changed to a private blog. One of the soldiers that I write/IM with, says they were told they were not allowed to have blogs at all while deployed.
And I'm looking for some feedback......when I first saw that movie coming out about Flight 93, I didn't think I wanted to go see it. The memories of that day are etched in my brain. But then after I started reading reviews and opinions about it...I'm wondering if I should see it, as a way to honor and remember the folks on that flight? So if you want to give your thoughts in the comments....feel free!:) (all TWO of my readers,lol)
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