Sunday, April 23, 2006

Army Suicides Hit Highest Level since 1993

This was what I blogged on my Mail Call! blog today.

This article I saw yesterday disturbed me greatly.    

When you think of the despair and despondency that people have to be feeling, to decide that ending their own lives is the best option? For me, it just broke my heart.
I thought of using this article as a segue into another urging to join Soldiers Angels, or any of the other organizations like America Supports You, etc. listed on the left? To encourage people to actively DO something to let those serving know that they are cared about?
And then I decided to check out the Message Boards that AOL always attaches to these articles, where people can post their thoughts about the article. And what I found THERE upset me even MORE.  
I invite you to check it out for yourself, but I warn you......there seems,IMHO, a great deal of hatred and anger there.
While I have the feeling I may be spitting into the wind? I decided to place my own post on the message board, which I'll include below.  Honestly?I felt kind of scared to do that, because I think I'll be leaving myself open to verbal attacks from the same people who wrote so many of these venomous, angry posts.    I realize I will make no impression whatsoever on any of those people.....their minds are already made up. But, I am a strong believer in the Edmund Burke quote   All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.
If I had written nothing at all? there would be nothing out there BUT those venomous, angry, hate-filled posts.
So, without further's my response on the message board....and then there's a link to my post on the board below.
   I guess I am naive. I thought that a story about rising suicides among soldiers would generate concern? Compassion for those who were so despondent that they took their own lives?for the families left behind?Possibly even suggestions for ways to support the troops ?
   Instead, I scrolled through 3 pages of comments that seemed to be mainly spewing anger,venom, and hatred.....and had to stop because all the anger and hatred was starting to make me feel sick.
     I'm a member of an organization called "Soldiers Angels" and I write letters to the troops to let them know that folks back here are keeping them in their thoughts and prayers,or send cards to wounded soldiers to let them know they are being remembered...all total strangers who are ,many of them, the same age as some of my own children. These are young men and women who have chosen to serve our country, and are doing the job they have been sent to do.  Or, there is another organization called Anysoldier  where you can get addresses to mail packages or letters of support.
    All of you who say you want "peace"?(in what seems very angry and hate-filled ways to me).....could you not direct some of the energy you put into this anger and hatred into writing a letter to A FELLOW HUMAN BEING to say "Thank you for being willing to do this job from a fellow American."?(or "fellow human being", if you dislike being identified as an American)    Or, if you feel even doing THAT might be construed as "supporting the WAR" or "supporting BUSH"?   Could you just send a postcard saying "Thinking of you back here"?
     Judging from so much of what I've read here......probably not. And I think that's kind of sad. A story about people being in despair and despondency who decide to end their lives, instead ofgenerating the thought "How can I reach out to touch even ONE fellowhuman being who might be feeling this way?"just generates more hatred and anger and venom?
So, that's my post for today.
And for an update on Missy's cousin that I asked for prayers for yesterday?   
as they asked, please continue the prayers. Thank you, and God bless you!Image
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