Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thomas Burnett,Jr.,Update on Kevin Downs, and Another Prayer Request

With the opening of the Flight 93 movie, I thought I would repost this picture, taken in Bloomington,MN in 2004 at Jefferson High School when I was visiting my parents. My brother and one of my sisters both attended high school with Mr.Burnett (graduating in different years) and my brother knew him later in life.

This is the full quote from a speech that Thomas Burnett,Jr. gave before Sept. 11, 2001, which a portion of the quote  has been placed on his memorial at Thomas Jefferson High School in Bloomington,MN.   "What we accomplish in life—our pursuits, our passions—echo in posterity to our children, our neighbors, and ultimately our souls. The struggle to preserve life enriches all of us, and our humanity is fortified in the process. To deem life important and to act, affects all of those who bear witness."
Truly, those on Flight 93 on that dreadful day "deemed life important" and they acted. And I think it has affected all of us who bore witness. Hopefully, I will make it to the movie this weekend, but if I don't (we have a track meet and also a former patient of mine died and I need to pay my respects to her family), I DO intend to eventually see the movie, to honor and remember them.
Don't know if you have seen the Sept. 11 Digital Archive?   Click here: The September 11 Digital Archive    but my sister told me about it.   Her contribution is here    
mine is here  
and if you want to add yours?   
Update on Kevin Downs:   The South Cheathem Advocate has done a wonderful j0b of updating, and there is one posted under 4/22/06   (with pictures) 
and I think you will be happy to know that Brooke Army Medical Center is so inundated with mail for Kevin, that there is a new address posted on the site!
                                                                   Sgt. Kevin Downs
                                                                   P. O. Box 118
                                                   Kingston Springs, TN 37082
Lastly, a distant relative of mine was hit head on in a car accident last night, and could use some prayers. This is an absolutely wonderful gentleman who is '84 years young', and he has a long road of healing ahead. Thank you all!
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