Monday, April 24, 2006

Surfing the Web

Just gonna list some places I've been 'surfing' todayImage

First, any of you who remember the MTV show about Joey Bozik? His wife put up the final post on his site this month    Click here: Joey

Continuing with the wounded soldiers? Don't think I've mentioned this young lady before....she was injured in an accident while serving with the Indiana National Guard in 2005, and subsequently paralyzed. Her mother had not updated in several months, I just happened to check in today and it had been updated      Click here: Aubrey Shea Youngs

Then I went to check on Capt.Jason  Click here: Captain Jason    but I got knocked off the Internet briefly in the middle of that Image and when I got back on, I came across this site while doing a 'search'    Click here: Airline Pilots Security Alliance - IN MEMORIAM: CAPTAIN JASON DAHL   Read all the articles underneath, tissue alert.

Speaking of Memorials, have I mentioned before that has a site listing all those who have died in the war?     Click here: In Remembrance

Continuing with the 'war' theme, I came across a cool site with a documentary in progress from a unit out of Lebanon,Oregon in 2004. There are video clips and pictures on there. 

Click here: About the Film

I stopped by a blogger not listed in my blogroll(imagine thatImage)  

 Click here: Murphy Around The World

And two Soldiers Angels members have a fairly new blog    Click here: The Angel Sistas

I DO go other places besides 'milblogs', sis and her husband are currently waiting to complete an adoption in China, and they are sharing the journey   Click here: A Red Thread to China     and then I always like to stop by Terry's place.....she always has beautiful pictures, and I always feel refreshed Image  Click here: Terry's Timeout

Lastly, from my about Monopoly  

Happy Surfing! 

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