Monday, April 10, 2006

This and That,Here and There

Just surfing the 'blogosphere' this morning (think of that,computer geeks,we have our own 'sphere'Image) and I think I'm going to point out a few places I found to be interesting places to go. (the lazy woman's way to write a blog post,lol)

First up, I am a huge fan of 

because JP has put together a site that lists over a thousand military blogs (which includes soldiers blogging, families of soldiers blogging, etc.etc.)Today, he wrote a post asking for the rest of us to list our favorite milblogs in the comments....why not slide over and check him out, and then tell us all who your faves are?
Next, I love reading White Rose's blog as a military contractor  
while so many folks who stop by here are supporting the troops in various ways,Cindy brings to light a group of people that you might not have thought about...U.S. military contractors. And she does it in a very interesting and informative way.   Today,she posted about a new group that she found for supporting the troops  
but I also wanted to point out that via her blog, I found a site to support the contractors.   These folks are as much in harm's way as our troops, and if you wanted to give them a shout out? I'm sure they'd like to know they are being thought of,also.
Moving on in the blogosphere, there is a post up on My OIF Deployment by a young mother that brings home the sacrifices that our soldiers and their families make 
And,lest you think that I only surf military blogs,lol....Motormouth has a post up about something I never thought the current immigration rallies can affect something as simple as test taking at school  
So, I hope I've given you a few places to check out while surfing the 'net. Enjoy your surfing, and have a good week!
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