Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My new grandbaby will be.....

a BOY!!!! My oldest and his fiancee found that out today! 

And why do I have a picture of a beach? Well, the post started out to be more 'surfing', and then I wanted to post the happy newsImage (and also, even after 3 years, I still love the pics from the Hawaii vacation we took in 2003.)

First of all, I posted asking for prayers for some wounded soldiers on the AOL Mail Call! blog 

Click here: MAIL CALL!Supporting the Troops    (I know,y'all are saying she's always sending us over there!)   and then Cindy put up a thoughtful post and it's a situation that sounds like it could also use some prayers    
and Missy has an update on her cousin who was injured in Afghanistan.  
Then,via Kat over at Yikes!Click here: Yikes!  there's another update on the 48th  Homecoming 
 plus Paulette has pics on her page   
as you know, I 'met' some of these soldiers back at Christmas when I first responded to one of Kat's request for email greetings to send to 'her' guys, and I am SO GLAD they are making their way home!THANKS! guys, for the job you did, and WELCOME HOME!
While they return? I came across another blog, by a reporter embedded with a group from Idaho that is just getting over there.      Click here: 1016th
And, here's one for all the MN folks    Click here: SGT Dock's Holiday
And, in another case of 'here's what I love about the Internet',I clicked on the page of someone in the comments on his blog, and came across this post about today being 'Holocaust Day of Remembrance' which I did not realize. It was a very good post, I am not enough of a geek to send you directly to that postImage, but here's a link to her blog    Click here: PC Free Zone
Well, just wanted to share the news, and give y'all some more places to 'surf'. Take care!!!Tomorrow is another track meet for Tony's son, so "I'll see you when I see you"!
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