Thursday, April 13, 2006

Treadmills,Mammograms, and other ETC

Some catching up to do. This past Saturday, April went to a party for the handbell choir. When her dad and I picked her up, she's of course telling us about the party....and then I hear her say that one boy "cut his lip in a treadmill accident".

Well, I start laughing, while her dad asks "how the heck do you cut your LIP in a treadmill accident?! did he forget to walk or what?!"and she says"well, he wouldn't really give us specifics about the accident".   By this point, I am leaning my head against the car window and laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes because A. all the pictures in my head of how this treadmill accident COULD have happened and B.because if I had guessed for a million years about 'things April will tell us after the party' I would definitely NEVER have guessed she's say THAT!Image

Moving on....yesterday Dustin had a track meet. He came in second in the discus...his usual good job,but he didn't place in the shotput. Tomorrow he has an all day track meet.

While we were at the track meet, Tony says to me "oh, yeah, I forgot to tell you that your sister sent Dustin a MAMMOGRAM."  I said "She sent a WHAT??!!" (thinking to myself...why the heck would my sister send THAT?!) and Tony says, "yeah, she sent him a $10 mammogram." and I say 'honey, a mammogram is a test for's breasts"  and Tony said, "OH! I mean she sent a MONEYGRAM!"   So,I wanted to say "thanks,sis" and I'm so glad you sent money and not the first thing he said,ROFLMAO!!

Lastly, I apologize for not updating....Kyle is LOVING his new job! he is in the second week and starting on the 12 hour shift rotations now. Thanks to all who asked after him, I should've posted that sooner, but was distracted by treadmills and mammograms and all the other interesting things that seem to float our way.  Like Kyle, in anticipation of starting 12 hour night shifts in a few weeks, bought a bunch of Red Bull drinks.  So last night he is popping one open about 10 pm, and Tony warned "you'll be up all night!" and Kyle says, no....I'll be fine.   Got up this morning and Kyle said< Geez, I was up till 2 A.M.!!!!!Guess you were right!"

Wishing everyone a happy Easter weekend

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