Monday, March 27, 2006

This and that.....

Ok, I blogroll is getting completely unwieldy!But I just keep coming across so many great blogs that I want to share!

In other adventures from the 'Dork Family Chronicles' appears that even folks who are going to be joining our family by marrying into it in the future are affected by the dorkiness that runs rampant here!

Ben and Emma phoned when they reached the airport on their return from Colorado, to say "hey,we're back!" Then about an hour later, I receive a phone call that has me rofl.Ben says that while they were walking to the baggage claim, Emma is rummaging thru her purse and says"have you seen my keys?" No keys to be found, so after they search her purse, pockets and baggage, Ben says 'let's go to the car and just check and make sure you didn't leave them in it,before we call anyone."

So, they reach the car and discover that they had LEFT THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION(not turned on,tho!) the ENTIRE TIME THEY WERE GONE!Yes, the car was locked, but still....I am amazed, even with airport security, that their car waited all week for them.....since if anyone walking by had happened to glance into the car, those little keys would have been calling out 'hey, want a new car?'

The story continues in that, while leaving the airport, you are supposed to go WEST to come home, but for some reason Emma chose to go they got in some gratuitous sightseeing before they got turned around.

So, all I can say is"Welcome to our world,Emma!Looks like you'll fit right in!"lol.

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