Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

I came home from Subways(next to Dairy Queen) Weds. night and told Tony "Hey,I found someone else who has hit the donation thing at Dairy Queen!"(see Jan.19 entry for previous dork adventure)


He asked me"and just exactly HOW would that particular subject come up in the first place??"

I said"well, when I was in Subways, I was reading the menu on the board and walking sideways at the same time(doing 2 things at once again, when will I learn?) and I sort of bumped into the chips display and it kind of got caught on my jeans pocket for a second.....and then the poor kid behind the counter tried to stifle a laugh,so I looked at him and said 'yeah, I am a dork'    (Tony said "I'm not sure you needed to tell him that, he might've already figured it out on his own!)and I went on to tell the kid...'not too long ago I ran into the Children's Miracle network donation thing while pulling up to the drive thru over at Dairy Queen" and the kid told me 'Oh, I've done that!"


and I was just so HAPPY to learn that someone else had done it!Of course, coming home from April's concert Weds. night, both April and Tony were convulsed with laughter over the story......and Tony finally managed to gasp out"the picture in my head of you walking thru Subways with the chips display attached to you!"and I was like 'hey!it was only caught on my pocket for a second!'

I emailed this story to some in my family, and received a reply from my mother later in the day that said "This is really hysterical, I keep rereading it just to laugh"!MOM! OuchImage 

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