Sunday, March 26, 2006

National Support the Troops day today..things you can do

Just a quick round up of ideasImage

Of course I'm going to suggest stopping by Soldiers Angels Image      they currently have a waiting list of 1100 soldiers needing to be 'adopted',or you can check out the many other ways they have to support the troops.(Check out their links on the left.)

Other places to go to support the troops:

Kat over at Yikes!  is doing a special project to honor a hero,please consider checking her out.

If you'd like to just send ONE letter or card? Bruce at Bruce's deployment to Afghanistan

has a SPC who could use some mail!

There are two recovering wounded soldiers who might like to hear a word

Or you can check out the MANY links I have to blogs from troops currently serving, and send a word their way!

See how many ways there are to support the troops?What are you waiting for?Image

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