Wednesday, March 15, 2006

March 15,2006 Another Woo Hoo!

Finally! got to talk to the PR woman from Soldiers Angels......who said she really liked the 'Mail Call' blog, and keep it up!Image   Whew! Don't know why I was so nervous, guess I was just afraid they'd say 'oh,you shouldn't do this or that.'    So I guess "I are a blogger" now,lol.

I told Tony this morning, I started thinking afterwards'what have I gotten myself into?I'm not that interesting! why did I think I could write???" and just had myself all tangled up in knots.

After a pause,he replied,'you ARE other people like yourself!" So I said"what the heck does THAT mean!!" and I punched him.Image(not really,no violence please, this is a family forum:)

In other news, Kyle takes the polygraph test tomorrow, and April has her concert tonight(not singing a solo.)Then Fri,Sat,and Sun is the play. Sat night is the cast party after the play,so we'll be busy!

If y'all can get to my Yahoo 360 page? I have a poll up over there:)

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