Monday, March 13, 2006

Stamps,Phones, and a nice surprise

Since I'm posting specifically on 'Mail Call' about supporting the troops, etc....I had written two stories there that I wanted to share here also.

The first was that not too long ago, I had Tony convulsed with laughter, when I was addressing a letter for Soldiers Angels and putting the stamp on and I suddenly said to him "Hey,I think I've been putting these stamps on wrong! It's a picture of the Statue of Liberty, so I guess it should be upright?......but I saw the white 'first class mail' written on the side and thought THAT was supposed to be upright. I always wondered what the picture was of on this stamp, it looked kind of funny but I guess that's because it was sideways."

After he finally stopped laughing and was wiping the tears from his eyes, he just shook his head and said "only you."

The second story is that earlier tonight I was out at his house helping him install DSL and we hit a glitch so called tech support. And while I was on the phone to the tech, she suggested that perhaps I needed to switch the phone and dsl lines....which I immediately proceeded to try!

Tony was across the room and realized what I was doing and tried to say "DON'T do that while you're ON the phone!" but he only got out 'D' before I had already done it and disconnected myself and was talking to dead air and said"um...that was dumb."

Happily, we reconnected to tech support and then got the problem worked out (mostly thanks to Tony!)

And lastly, I came home to find out that JP over at   had written a 'thank you' to me for my submitting milblogs to his site! Wow, I sort of feel like even though I can't handle stamps or phones, I'm important,LOL.Image

As far as 'Mail Call'

 I had asked someone at Soldiers Angels if it was OK to try and promote them with my little journal, and they are going to hook me up with a PR person, so we'll see what she says. It might not ever reach more than one person!lol, but I'd rather do SOMETHING than nothing at all.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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