Friday, March 3, 2006

Agghhhhh! Computers!!

What a day!!! I awoke this morning to discover that somehow a virus had gotten into my AOL email....I discovered this by suddenly getting a bunch of 'unable to deliver' messages for a bunch of email addresses I'd never seen before in my life!!!When I checked 'send'......yep,it was my computer trying to send them!

So then the tech I talked to said change ALL of our passwords!!!Because altho the antivirus had finally caught on to was still continuing to send emails.

So I did all that, and ran TWO virus scans afterwards (and am still leery of using the computer,lol!)and my computer no longer seems to be sending emails to various and sundry folks.

On the plus sideImagewhile running all these scans I did get a bunch of cards written  for Soldiers Angels!

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