Thursday, March 30, 2006

Another episode in My Dorky Life

Ok, my neighbors AND the maintenance dept. for our apts. all hate me now.......went to do a load of laundry a little while ago, and the one working washer we have in the second floor laundry room was unplugged.(We're on the first floor) No 'out of order' sign or anything, and since people unplug the washers and dryers all the time, thought nothing of it because the washer seemed to be working fine when I put in the coins and started it.

Well, the WASHER was fine......just seems that the DRAIN was clogged up!!!!So, when I went up after a half hour to put my clothes in the dryer......I stepped into a water wonderland on the second floor, soap suds and all....edging out into the hallway from the laundry room. And thought to myself(this explains the gushing water sound in the maintenance room next to my door on the first floor!Wondered what that was when I walked by it.)

Just so happens some of the maintenance guys were already working on the third floor...I swam back to the stairs! and spied one of them starting up and said,"Ummm.....I think there's a problem up here.and also in your maintenance room on the first floor." I'm not gonna repeat what he said!

Next thing, the hallway is filled with maintenance guys, one of whom tells me'well, we DID have an out of order sign on the washer, someone must have taken it down!"Plus, there's an audience of 5 little boys who were for some reason inline skating on the third floor hallway, all pointing and laughing.(side thought, it's 65 degrees out and the sun is shining and it's a gorgeous day...why would you be skating on the third floor INSIDE the building...but anyway)

So now, I am sitting here quietly in my apt trying to pretend that I don't exist...and I can hear the guys in the hallways cussing and yelling back and forth as they try to snake out the drain and clean up the water.

While it occurs to me that they could have avoided this problem all together if they had just shut the laundry room door and locked it and put the 'Out of Order' sign THERE....there's another part of me that thinks,sigh, this was just another inevitable part of my dorky life.....doing laundry is just a normal occurence for some people, but apparently NOT for a card-carrying member of the 'Dork' club! was YOUR day?Image

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