Saturday, March 11, 2006

Life here in 'Podunk'

It's been an interesting week. Coors brought in some huge tanks for their plant out in Elkton.Coors Begins Tank Delivery Process  

What made this hilarious was that Tony had been telling us that when he drove home the other night, "people were actually stopping their cars on the road and getting out to watch them go it was a parade or something!" Not long after he finished telling that, the news came on.....and they SHOWED the people who were doing that, and were interviewing them. We were all convulsed with laughter when this one older guy, who looked like something from Deliverance, grinned a big ole grin and said "I think its purty neat." Yup, we're WAY out in the sticks here, folks.Image

Another happening was not so funny in itself....a police car went off the road and ran into the wall of an apt during a high speed chase and a woman was injured. Cop Car Rips Through Home         but  then they are interviewing the neighbors on the news and this one young lady said      "Wa-al, I was in ma room foldin ma laundry, and I herd the si-reen...." and I was like "omg,we live in HICKSVILLE!" and we were all rofl.

Then Ben and Emma came over and were once again discussing possible names.....and Ben was saying he would like to use his name as the middle name,since that was kind of a tradition in the See family....and we were discussing that Ernest had had his fathers name as a middle name, and then Kevin had 'Ernie' as a middle name, and I popped out with 'Well, if you named him 'Benny Ernie' he'd for darn sure be a Nascar driver!"   and that sent Ben off on a gut busting rant about "Wa-al, I think the ole Benny Ernie team did purty good out there today......"reminiscent of the John Boy and Billy Big Show spoof of Nascar drivers talking after the race.........

and I suppose this probably won't mean much to folks that haven't lived down south here for almost 30 years like I have, or haven't ever seen a Nascar race....but we had a good,long laugh together, and isn't that what families are for?Image

So, anyway, that's life in the 'Burg.

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