Saturday, January 7, 2006

Jan.7, 2006

Oops! Should have done this sooner! oh well. Yesterday was Tony's birthday....he's 43 now.

I made him a spice cake with buttercream frosting. and then flew to the school to pick April and her friends up to film that &*$# movie.The mvoies not stupid, just the logistics of getting everyone together while we had the camera, etc. etc.

So we went to Lynn's first since Brandon had agreed to cover a part for April for someone who couldn't make it(Bryan wasn't home).....thanks, Brandon! and good thing we went there first, some trouble with the camera but Brandon got that fixed.

The kids all had a silly, fun time filming and then Lynn fed us all a snack, thanks, Lynn. She asked me'why does April want to film here?' and I said"coz Brandon has twin beds" and she was like 'oh, heavens, but have you seen the room!!!!!"

Then we went back to the middle school and filmed the scenes outside that April wanted there.(we were working around Brandon;s work schedule, is why we did it kind of backwards.)It was fun, but COLD!!!!

So, at last that assignment is completed!Yay!

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