Thursday, January 19, 2006


Combining my love of Keanu Reeves with my self-acceptance as a's the latest filed under 'Dorks R Us'.

Tony's surgery went well on Tuesday, and after I got him home and settled, I decided to run to Dairy Queen to get dinner, as April had a concert at school that night that she was in.

Well, I pulled forward after I gave my order, and looked down to get my money out of my purse....and all of a sudden BANG!

I had hit the stupid 'Children's Miracle Network' metal thing that they had attached to the bottom of the window with my left side mirror!(not that the Childrens Miracle Network 'is stupid, just why do they have the thing sticking out form the drive thru window!!!!)

I scared the heck out of both me and the girl waiting to take my money, and ended up with an ugly scrape on the mirror housing. And, besides feeling like an idiot...the thing that ticked me off was that I KNEW when I went home and said what had happened..

Kyle and Tony would give me that 'look'. The one where you're trying to look sympathetic, but are about to bust out laughing ?And that is exactly what happened.

But, the concert went well later that night. It's always a joy to watch April, she so enjoys singing but REALLY enjoys doing handbells. She just GLOWS when she's doing that, you can tell she really loves it:) She was really excited that she also got to bang on the bongo drum during part of the concert:)

In other news, check out a Red Thread to China.

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