Sunday, January 15, 2006


Well, unfortuantely Morgan's team lost yesterday,61-13, which is an 'ouch'....but they were playing players about 3 times as large as their team members!(Quakers....who knew they grew em so large,lol:)

I did mention that Morgan goes to private Catholic school didn't i? and they wear the de rigeur Catholic school uniforms, which kind of put me in a time warp back to Monseignior John R. Hackett high school in Kazoo....not that we wore uniforms, but the elementary kids wore the obligatory plaid skirts,etc. (and OK, I know I can't spell 'monsegnoir'!:)

The girls played with heart, even though they were losing,and Morgan did well. Enjoyed meeting her younger sis, and talking to her mom. April and I had a good time.I just love watching basketball:)

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