Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This photo is of a car that April said she just LOVES. LOL. champagne tastes.....a Bently?:)

Ben got a job at Target, Yay! And I saw a pic of my (God willing) grandchild-to-be today, who thus far looks like a little blob!(But a very beautiful blob:)

Tony got a hair cut yesterday, and April kept saying "You look like 'Alpha-Alpha'. I'm thinking to myself 'what the heck?' So he was here this afternoon and she said to him 'hey,Alpha,Alpha.' I could stand it no longer and asked'what the heck does that mean?'

And she said 'you know....Little Rascals...Spanky's friend....with that cowlick sticking up...he looks like Alpha,Alpha!" By the end of her sentence I am just DISSOVING with laughter on the couch.......I keep trying to talk, but am laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes, and finally I manage to gasp out, "It's.....AL-FAL-FA!"

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