Wednesday, January 4, 2006


Think I mentioned before that April got a part in the spring play. She will be the 'second animal who is fighting on the evil queen's side'. This will be the last play of her middle school career!I hope she continues drama in high school.

In other news, I am going out later this morning to put in some apps. Still have not heard from unemployment.My back is doing fine, but Tony found out yesterday that he DOES have a torn cartilage in his knee. From the injury over 6 weeks ago. They just did the MRI last week. Tony asked them at the time to do an MRI. He was pretty irate, said he told the doctor 'you let me walk around in pain for over 6 weeks when you could have done the MRI in the beginning!" He goes Friday to see a surgeon, we are probably looking at surgery.

If you check out Terry's blog, you can see she had a rugged start to the New Year.

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