Monday, January 23, 2006

Here, or Yahoo 360,I'm blogging again.

 April has practice this week for the spring play("lion,Witch,Wardrobe"), and the job search continues. I return to the doc on Thursday, so am hopeful I'll be totally released from restrictions then.

Kirby sent April a talking email that was an unintentional RIOT because the emphasis on some words was slightly off....and when it got to the part where it said "ha,ha,ha", it reduced April and I to tears of laughter because the syllable emphasis was so strange:)

He is going on a whirlwind world trek, but will he blog about it? Judging by the itinerary, it may boil down to "I am once again on the plane......."

Unemployment has finally decided I qualify, so I feel less like the wolf is at the door.

Oh, and I have been having loads of fun making short videos with Photostory from Microsoft.

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